Wine baptism with Wolfgang Böck in Fels

The traditional baptism of the new wine year 2017 of the wineries Fels was taken place at the wineyard Leth this year. The stars of the evening were of course the wine, but also darling of the public Wolfgang Böck, who entertained with his cheerful anecdote about wine the audience of about 200 people. The baptism of the wine, which got the name “Gaudibundus” after his godfather Wolfgang Böck, was held from the priest of Fels, Mag. Martin Müller. The rest of the evening was characterized by the new wines. The visitors had the chance to taste the wines from 15 different wineyards from Fels.

Caption: Successfull wine baptist at the wineyard Leth, from left to right: Johannes Roch, director of the Volksbank Fels and main sponsor of the event, priest Mag. Martin Müller, Franz Leth, Wolfgang Böck and Franz Sauerstingl, representive of the winegrowers’ association Fels am Wagram. Credit: MVM, Franz Müller" class="entry-download" download>Download Presspicture