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Leth GmbH
Franz und Erich Leth
Kirchengasse 6
A-3481 Fels am Wagram

Tel.: +43/2738/2240
Fax: +43/2738/2240-17

Companies’ register:┬á Conpanies’ register St. P├Âlten, Company number: 42628p
Court of jurisdiction: A-3430 Tulln
UID-Number: AT U20277000
Chamber: Chamber of  Commerce for Lower Austria, Department for Trade, Landesgremium for Wine and Spirits wholesale


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Dialogium – Agentur f├╝r Kommunikation

Altgasse 23/7
1130 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-81 30 222
Fax: +43-1-81 30 222 -99