"Lössfrühling am Wagram" 12.4 - 31.5. with guided tours through our "Sortenweingarten"

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Who are we?

Our family is now the third generation to focus on wine-growing. While this doesn´t seem like such a long time, it has been long enough to create - with idealism, innovation and investment – one of the leading wineries in the region.
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Why is the terroir so unique?

The Wagram consists of layers - up to 20 meters high - of loam, sand, chalk and loess that Ice Age winds blew over the primary rock base of the Danube. These tiny particles of soil covering bedrock allow the grapevine roots to absorb water and minerals even from great depths.  Read More...

What grows in our vineyard?

Since the beginning of the 90s vintner Franz Leth Sen. has been chasing his dream: To source old and unusual grape varieties and plant a wine garden with as many varieties as possible.
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